Perfectly clear craft ice.

We make craft ice to elevate experiences. We take care of the freezing so that you can create something beautiful. Each craft ice cube is frozen crystal clear using pure flowing water and natural ingredients. Explore our variety of shapes and sizes, some with pops of color and aromatics.

Image of Abstract Ice craft ice cube in a whiskey glass

Ice as a

Image of Abstract Ice Infinity Sphere craft ice in reflective pool

Our founders had the vision to bring beauty and excitement to people’s drinks with craft ice. At the intersection of art, science and innovation, they discovered ice as a conduit to their own creativity. Ice is our canvas, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Meet Charles Joly.

As our resident mixologist, Charles helps us reimagine the entire drink experience and push the boundaries of what’s possible. He brings decades of experience as a global bartending champion, James Beard, Award-winning beverage designer, and a craft cocktail movement leader, leaning on craft ice cubes to elevate his product.

Image of Charles Joly with a cocktail made with Abstract Ice craft ice cubes
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